VIDEO: House Shoes Talks About Dilla’s Waves On Bling47

House Shoes discusses the sample behind Dilla’s Waves.

What’s the best Dilla flip, if you had to choose just one? Tough question. Well, House Shoes reckons this could be it when he discusses Waves from the influential Donuts. The sample itself isn’t anything to write home about; just your run of the mill 3/4 soft pop track from 10CC called Johnny, Don’t Do It. But when you hear the original and flip over to Waves, it’ll catch you out. Many people have alluded to the fact that Dilla left messages in that album and the sample on Waves was saying “Here Johnny, do it”, possibly directed at his brother to look after family after he was gone. Whether this is true or not, it adds a whole different level of mystique to an already fantastic album.

Anyway, watch the video and bask in the glory.

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