Written by 1:00 am Hip Hop

How Did I Miss That: ESTA – Luna


We hold our hands up when we’re tardy to the party and this is one instance. Here’s The Auracle’s late verdict on ESTA’s smash jawn, Luna.

9 months ago, I was in hibernation. I was in thrall to a deep, powerful slumber and it was sudden; enough to mistake me for a narcoleptic. It was at that precise moment that I managed to sleep on this absolutely incredible tune entitled Luna; brought to the masses by the one and only ESTA, a Californian DJ, producer, and member of one of the best music collectives going: SOULECTION. Trust me, dear readers: from minute nought and second one, I’m very much awake now.

Of course, when I say Luna is ‘absolutely incredible,’ I mean it’s stellar. It’s so out-of-this-world, it’s recognised by NASA as a legitimate nebula in the solar system. ESTA brings the tune in as if he dropped the needle on dusty record, allowing the jazz guitar sample to pluck itself from the confines of your sound system and effortlessly wrap itself around both of your eardrums. The bass guitar slides in oh so elegantly, plunging the depths of your soul as if it were Jacques Cousteau manning the boards. However, what I’m in love with the most is that crazy swingin’ rhythm track. That snare is so snappy and crisp, it might as well have been deep fried in a cauldron of gold. During certain sections, you can see why there was just cause for the outer space metaphor by way of the snare no longer being a snare but a rendition of what it sounds like when stars go supernova.  See? Told you this track is out of this world. The lusciously warm pads and synth effects make for a gorgeous backdrop, rounding out the track’s insistence on making you feel weightless as you bob your head along to the beautifully laid-back groove. Seriously, ESTA’s Luna is flat-out irresistible. Press play and prepare for take-off.

Steam ESTA’s track Luna below: