Industry Takeover 2012

Industry Takeover 2012

Industry Takeover 2012

Industry Takeover 2012!!! For all of you who are relatively local (for example in the UK), I advise you to come to this event…It is an all day seminar about the industry, how its changing and helpful information about how to get yourself noticed or generally meet people on the same wave length as yourself with things like speed networking.

Even if you are not in the industry it’s an excuse to see some up and coming talent and discover more about what goes on behind the scenes before tracks turn to internet sensations or radio smashes. Granted not all music that hits the internet or radio is the best, this is your chance to discover these artists before they get accustom to the bright lights and fast cars this industry has to offer.

This event is brought to you in conjunction with Urban Development, Linkup tv and Rich Mix on Saturday 27th October from 12-9pm and tickets on the door are £10.

As well as that there is an opportunity for networking and talks from key industry figures and a whole host of performances including:

  • Ayah Marar
  • Joe Black
  • Donaeo
  • A*M*E
  • Elro
  • Jay Norton
  • UD Vocal Collective
  • Roachee
  • ShezAr
  • Russo
  • Incisive
  • D-Rhymez
  • Shakka
  • Mango & Lashes
  • MckNasty

Speakers include:
  • Austin Daboh (The Hub Entertainment)
  • Jake Gosing & Mikill Pane (Sticky Studios/The Movement)
  • Sarah Liversedge (BDi/Bucks Music)
  • Alex Boateng (Island Records)
  • Kienda Hoji (Entertainment Lawyer)
  • Hattie Collins
  • Lulu Le Vay (Writer/lecturer/PR & Marketing consultant)
  • Sarah Salter (Casio)
  • Steve Price (Creative Director/founder Plan-B Studios)
  • Liam Tootil (SBTV)
  • DJ Target (BBC Radio 1Xtra/

For what you pay and what you get it is a worthwhile spend for an array of insights, performances and the opportunity to get on the mic if you so choose in the “Open Mic Challenge”.

Industry Takeover 2012 only happens once a year, so you BEST be there…

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