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Interview: Deadpoole

L: Describe how you approach the making of a track.

D: Each track is different but more often than not I’ll start with drums simply because I play drums, but I try to start the process in different ways to keep myself on my toes. Then I tend to layer the instrumentation before I look at sequencing. Then when I’m working out how it moves forward more ideas will come to me, I’ll drop stuff out & bring stuff in.

L: Name one instrument you’d love to master and why.

D: Piano. I love the sound of it. I love how versatile it is as an instrument. My friend gave me a midi keyboard recently so I’ve started playing about with that. If I could go back in time I’d make my parents force me to learn as a kid.

L: If you had unlimited funds, what one piece of equipment would you buy?

D: I’m not very savvy with equipment to be honest. I saw that video of Dorian Concept playing around on a Micro Korg which looked amazing so maybe that would be good place to start. I’m sorry that’s a shit answer.

L: Do you have one album you always go back to?

D: Not an album but artist I go to for inspiration is always Flying Lotus.

L: What are your fondest musical memories?

D: Latitude Festival holds the most. Mainly listening to artists I love standing next to my wife with our children sat on our shoulders.

L: What’s your biggest musical accomplishment and why?

D: Putting this album out was a huge accomplishment for me, it took about two years to make & I’m really happy with it as a whole. One of the most recent gigs I played was a huge deal for me too. My friend Booda French put out an EP called Awesome Is Everyday & had a launch party to celebrate its release. He asked me to support & playing in front of a crowd of my friends & peers felt really special.

L: Do you have a favourite record that you have produced, either solo or as part of the group?

D: Not yet. I’m working on a few projects with a few different artists that should come out next year & I’m really excited for people to hear them.

L: Favourite label?

D: Ninja Tune. When I was about 13 I randomly found a copy of Xen Cuts in an HMV bag on the street so took it home to listen to. Safe to say it blew my tiny little mind & influenced me to this day. They’re such a forward thinking & consistently great label.

L: Favourite producer and MC?

D: Madlib & Mos Def/Yasiin Bey.

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