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Interview: Deadpoole

L: Who would you most like to work with and why?

D: That changes all the time but ultimately Flying Lotus. He’s the artist that’s had the biggest influence on me so work with him would be crazy!

L: What are your thoughts on UK Hip Hop and is there anyone in the UK you’d like to work with?

D: I don’t know an awful lot of UKHH but I love people like Edward Scissortongue, Press One, Jehst, Strange U, Booda French, Dels, Skrabl & Obongjayar. They’re all amazing.

L: If you weren’t involved in music, what could you see yourself doing instead?

D: I find music cathartic so I’d have to channel that energy elsewhere… So yoga maybe?

L: Who would play you in your biopic and what would you call it?

D: Ryan Gosling. Which sounds arrogant until I explain that I mean the shitty, bald, alcoholic Ryan Gosling from Blue Valentine, that’s the version of him that resembles me the most. And the film could be called anything other than Deadpoole so Marvel couldn’t sue.

L: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

D: Nobody’s given me any advice personally but I saw this quote from Knxwledge recently…

“Just put out music. If you make music, just put out music. Period. Just do that. Because that’s what people who make music generally do. And that’s how they get recognised. And how they get loved. And how they make a lot of money. And are able to treat their families very good.”

It made me laugh but it’s true.

L: What advice would you give to beginners starting out?

D: See above.

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