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A: Have any of these interests informed the aesthetic direction that Headless Flywear has taken? If so, how have these influences manifested in the pieces that you have designed?

T: Every thing I have created this year has embodied what these interests entail. A higher-level of life. I reflect that interest into Headless Flywear, and provide a higher-level of quality.

A: Compared to other “streetwear” brands, Headless Flywear’s pieces have very reasonable price points. Was it a conscious decision on your part to keep the brand relatively accessible from a monetary standpoint?

T: This is called being realistic, it is okay to have a high price point but if it is going to be dropped in price in the end, your point has been flawed, from unrealistic to realistic. The Headless Flywear price points are reasonable as you said, it could easily be priced at more because of its high quality, BUT it must be attainable by the masses, the normal people that want to make a strong change aesthetically. Also the point is not to be GREEDY; I am not that so it will reflect it what I do also.

A: We last took a look at Headless Flywear way back in February of 2014. Could you tell us how HF has changed since then? Do you feel that it has undergone any sort of evolution, in terms of aesthetics, branding and notoriety?

T: It has grown incredibly and I have met so many new people. I am loaded with new ideas… It is pretty crazy. Funnily enough, since then production was SLOW. There were various issues outside of my power, that I had to deal with causing me not to release as much as I would have liked to. But that is life, not everything is in your power. It is this year that I’m doing my utmost to maintain a level of consistency with the craft. The website is brand new (updated and reworked about a month ago) and Metal has recently been released too! The whole point is to elevate, it is easy to remain in the same spot!

A: Could you take us through the creative process behind your 2016 collection “Metal”?

T: As I previously mentioned, I’m looking at the business aspect of my interest… In this case it was music. The most reoccurring thought process that I have had as of late, is that Rock/Metal bands stay relevant to people who don’t listen to their music, why is that? It’s because they have the fantastic looking merchandise. You see it everywhere and the reason for that is because of how it looks. Metal follows suit. By creating a similar looking artistically, but physically exceeding product; Metal is the end result. It was very much about applying the same vibe, but ensuring a higher level of quality as we do and this is what has come from it.

A: With regards to releases, what else can we expect from Headless Flywear in 2016? Do you plan on creating any more accessories, including pieces for your “Lugg” collection?

T: A TON OF T-SHIRTS & LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRTS. Last year I released two t-shirts (which is weak), however this year there are going to be so much more; it’s unreal. There are going to be other things as well, don’t get me wrong but this is all the information I’m willing to let you have for now!

ONCE THE LUGG COLLECTION IS GONE IT IS NOT COMING BACK. I have to put that in capitals to emphasise my seriousness plus new things must be developed, I get bored easily!

metal jet x simmy-1663

A: Do you have any social media pages where fans of the brand can get in contact with you?

T: Our website is: You can also find us on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

A: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview!

T: You are very welcome!

Massive shoutout to Jet Axel & Simmy Shin who are two new faces to the Headless Flywear world. Welcome them as you have welcomed me… Major love to everyone that has supported thus far!

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