Interview: Tanya Morgan


8. Taking you back to October 2007: what do you think was the defining moment for you during the ‘Show Us What You Got’ competition (excluding the moment you were announced as winners)?

VP: I remember one of the judges saying ”We found the new Tribe Called Quest”, that was lofty LOL. But a huge compliment nonetheless.

DW: Hanging out at the Power Mixshow Summit in Vegas and was just a moment in itself. Vegas is always fun and when you are around other industry vets as well, it’s even more fun. That weekend, I went off and hung out in the mountains outside of Vegas also. They have these huge caves that the locals go hang out at. Me and Ilyas went out there and shot some videos and hung out. It was a good time.

9. What sort of music did you listen to growing up?

VP: Michael Jackson and Hip Hop haha. All hip hop from the most mainstream to the most underground. My favourite of course was and still is De La Soul.

DW: Gospel, rap, funk, soul. There was a lot of music around me and I can’t say one single thing really influenced me as a child. When i got into high school i was more into rap and r&b then college hit and i was big into indie hip hop more than anything else.

10. What was the first hip hop track that caught your attention?

VP: ‘I think I can beat Mike Tyson’ by Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince.

DW: ‘Life Is Too Short’ – Too Short.

11. Do you think it is important to have a musical background, whether it be classically trained or just learning an instrument?

VP: I think it’s important to have an appreciation for music more than anything. I can’t play anything but I’ve made a positive contribution to music based on that appreciation and respect for music.

DW: Absolutely. Music is about math and logic and reasoning at its foundation. Its important to have any sort of hobby that develops you as a person. If you choose to make music your career you should definitely learn about your field tho.

12. What’s your biggest musical accomplishment and why?

VP: Every album is a big musical accomplishment to me because making an album takes over your life! It’s all milestones of my life by the years, so it’s hard to pick one.

DW: Touring outside of the US because I never imagined that music would take me around the country let alone to see the rest of the world.

13. Who would you most like to work with and why?

VP: I would love to work with No ID. I’ve always been a big fan of Common and to work with the guy that is one of Com’s #1 producers would be a dream.

DW: I’d like to work with Kareem Riggins and Pharrell because they are dope.

14. What are your thoughts on UK Hip Hop and is there anyone in the UK you’d like to work with?

VP: I honestly don’t know much but D Double E is dope, I like his flow and sense of humour. And of course, Dizzee is the man.

DW: I haven’t really been keeping up on the scene out there like I usually do, but there’s a cat named Booda French out of Ipswch that I like. I’d love to hear what else is going on that way though. If anyone is reading this, hit me on Twitter with your Soundclouds and streams so that I can check it out. My name is @donwill and I’m always down to listen to stuff.

15. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

VP: About…8 years ago, my grandfather told me to keep doing what I’m doing (music) because I’m supposed to be doing it…he told me this in a dream. He died 13 years ago. Does that sound crazy?

DW: Dres from Blacksheep told me to enjoy every moment and appreciate every opportunity. Basically as a person documenting your life, you need to live a full life in order to have something to talk about. Don’t get mad at your situation, just work to change it if it needs to change.

16. What advice would you give to beginners starting out?

VP: Find your own style and do your own style even when it isn’t in style. Don’t just go for what’s the trend, because you’ll be gone with that trend.

DW: Get a job and invest that money you make into yourself and your career. Stop treating music like a hustle because you are fucking it up for the people who look at music as a lifestyle.

So there you have it…dreams, Dizzee and the Fresh Prince. Who knew? You can read Sampleface’s review of Tanya Morgan’s ‘Rubber Souls’ here, or stream the album in full at

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