THROWBACK THURSDAY: Iron Mic – Eli Porter vs. Envy


The legendary battle between Eli Porter and Envy is the subject of our Throwback Thursday this week.

This is the “newest” Throwback Thursday we’ve featured so far but it doesn’t take away from the hilarity of it all. Back in 2003, Chamblee High School in Georgia, USA, held an emcee battle programme called “Iron Mic” where amateur rappers could fight it out on the mic and be judged by a panel. In this particular battle, an Eli Porter faced a rapper called Envy and entered himself into the corridors of internet legend by responding very briefly to Envy’s opening verses before ending with the simple but deadly line: “I’m the best mayne- I deed it.” And then a massive pause. The music stopped and it seemed the battle was over prematurely but it soon restarted and Eli spat the rest of his verses, corny but funny, and later won the contest 2-1. Eli Porter has since spoken about the infamous battle and there’s even a documentary on the whole thing, starring all the original participants.

Stream the battle below.

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