Is A $675,000 Fine For Music Piracy Over The Line? [Via Potholes]

According to an article on Potholes In My Blog:

A case involving a former Boston University student’s illegal music downloading has received the heavy hand of one U.S. District Court judge this month. Joel Tenenbaum, who illegally downloaded 31 songs from the now-defunct file sharing service Kazaa, will now owe  $675,000– that’s $22,500 per song– to labels including Sony BMG, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, Arista, and UMG.  The decision follows behind a separate lawsuit in June, in which one woman was ordered to pay $1.92 million for downloading 24 songs.

Now, to me that seems excessive. In no way is $22,500 per song a worthy amount to pay for illegal downloading. There is a myth going around about major labels losing so much money and the artists being hurt. How many rappers do you see now parading in videos with money, alcohol, drugs and jewellery? Those aren’t fancy props! To read the rest of the article, head over to Potholes.