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J Rocc Drops Two “Dil Jackson” (J Dilla & Michael Jackson) Tracks

J Dilla + Michael Jackson = Dil Jackson

Legendary turntablist and Beat Junkies member J Rocc combines two music icons – J Dilla and Michael Jackson – to form “Dil Jackson” and releases a couple of mashups on Soundcloud.

It’s the kind of unofficial fantasy collaboration everyone wanted and it took J Rocc to put it all together. As part of J Dilla Month, the Beat Junkies deejay threw together a couple of Dil Jackson tracks – a combination of J Dilla beats and Michael Jackson acapellas. On this occassion, J Rocc chose Michael Jackson’s Beat It and Another Part Of Me for the vocals and used a couple of instrumentals that some Dilla fans will already know. The result is literally a match made in heaven and will surely gas fans of both camps (and we’re pretty sure those camps cross over for most of you).

What Dil Jackson combos do you think would work well and why? Stream the tracks below and let us know in the comments.

(via Okayplayer)