Jack Davey of J*DaVeY Announces 3-Part Solo EP

Jack Davey

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Jack Davey has announced a solo project of her own called L0-F. It’s a rock affair and we know this is going to be good. A single off the EP called Howl At the Moon reveals a new sound for Jack, with Side A featuring a gritty, frenetic energy, based on what Jack describes as “a girl, her shitty guitar, and introspective songwriting,”. She could serenade me with that shitty guitar all day! Side A will be out on 2nd while Side B, which features more instrumentation, more advanced guitar technique and production by Jack’s boyfriend Joey Strat of the Knux will be released on November 6. A deluxe version containing both sides, along with three bonus songs and a special booklet will be released on December 11.

The video for Howl At The Moon has an accompanying music video directed by Devin Joplin in collaboration with creative director Jasmine Benjamin, which you can stream below as well as the single itself on Soundcloud.

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