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SONG FOR SUNDAY #78: Jackson 5 – Buttercup


Jackson 5’s Buttercup, a Stevie Wonder-produced track from their I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters compilation, is our Song For Sunday.

I’ll level with you – I JUST heard this today (which is terrible considering how much of a Michael Jackson fan I am) and it blew me away. Recorded in 1973 during the Jackson 5’s Dancing Machine recording sessions, Buttercup is a gorgeous ballad about someone loving two people at the same time and Mike not putting up with it. According to rumours, Stevie Wonder (who wrote and produced the track) was slated to make a full album with the group while some claim one was produced but later shelved. I’m hoping the latter is true and we’ll hear it some day but who’s to say what Sony will do. As for the track itself, it’s a masterclass in chord progressions, electric piano play and effortless vocals from Michael.

Stream it below.

(shoutout to The Music Snobs for putting me onto this)