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JayLotus – 10,000 Lotus Petals


JayLotus drops the atmospheric “10,000 Lotus Petals” onto Soundcloud.

JayLotus isn’t one to keep it light when it comes to musical output. The good thing about that for the Texan beatmaker is his quality is never in question, which his many listeners can easily concur. Just eight days ago, Jay threw up a tribute to the great Q-Tip using no samples and yet somehow, it sounded like a Q-Tip joint WITH samples (and we know how that usually sounds) – dreamy and packed with that 90’s off-beat vibe. This time around, however, JayLotus has gone down the cosmic route on 10,000 Lotus Petals. The track sounds with some old school Timbaland-esque hi-hat action before taking off in another direction completely.

Stream it below and grab your space helmet. You’re gonna need it.