Jazz Musician Paul Batiste Files $100m Lawsuit Over ‘Illegal Sampling’


Paul Batiste, a jazz band leader from New Orleans, has filed a $100m lawsuit against artists for stealing his band’s music.

When will these stories go away? The latest musician to file a copyright infringement lawsuit is Paul Batiste, a jazz musician from New Orleans. His claim is that artists such as Rick Ross and T-Pain have been stealing music from his band, The Batiste Brothers Band. As a self-proclaimed “major influence on the current New Orleans jazz scene” and having connections with some of the greatest soul, funk and jazz musicians in the history of music (we’re talking Prince, George Clinton and The Meters here), this may well work out. However, this isn’t the first lawsuit Paul Batiste has filed for similar reasons. According to The Guardian, PM Dawn and Miller Beer were at the mercy of Batiste and those cases were settled out of court. I wonder how this one will go…

Stream a performance of The Batiste Brothers Band’s “Seductive Recital” below, complete with seductive dancers.

(via The Guardian)

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