FREE DOWNLOAD: JHAS – Random Selection


Sweden’s JHAS threw some “unfinished” beats together into a gritty 8-track EP called Random Selection.

Having a bunch of beats on your computer just sitting there with no real purpose is something I can identify with. They could have been made for a scrapped project or just for the sake of it. JHAS from Stockholm had this predicament when it came time to clear space for new concepts and so he made “Random Selection”. As the name suggests, the EP is a random selection of eight unfinished tracks he had lying around, sampling a wide range of genres from French classical music on “Pain Au Chocolat” to vibes-oriented jazz on the heavenly “Rhodesia” and Sam Cooke’s classic “Cupid” on “Sunstroke Farl”. If these were just gathering electronic dust on his computer, imagine how dope his finished beats must sound.

Stream/download Random Selection below.

(via hillydilly)

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