Joell Ortiz – 5AM In Brooklyn


Joell Ortiz takes Drake’s 5AM in Toronto, changes up the concept and completely bodies it in 5AM In Brooklyn.

One of the top lyrical performances I’ve heard so far this year comes from Joell Ortiz. The former Slaughterhouse emcee took Drake’s 5AM in Toronto and switched things up for his neighbourhood, Brooklyn, to produce 5AM in Brooklyn. Cue some insane wordplay, a few references to Drake and an effortless flow. We heard a moment of self acclaim in him being the “best lyricist out there” and while I’m sure some listeners would have something to say about that, he’s certainly putting the work in to back his claim. 5AM in Compton from Kendrick anyone?

Stream/download it below.

(via Funkmaster Flex)

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