Knx – Butterscotch

Knx - Buttrskotch

Knx’s debut cassette release with Leaving Records

The name may be familiar to you. Knx, better known as Knxwledge, has been busy selling his Buttrskotch beat tape over at Leaving Records, but with 180 of the 200 having already sold out on the day of release, where would the other 20 go? Right into the laps of Stones Throw. This one isn’t like the others; it’s a “true beat tape”: Eleven one-minute beats, five minutes per side, school photo on the cover. There’s more to come from Knx I’m sure, but we know for certain there’s more in store from this new Leaving Records/Stones Throw alliance – Dual Form, “a 53-minute dive into the musical other” has been released as a double-cassette venture. Anything involving Matthewdavid (who runs the Leaving) is bound to sound dope.

Stream and download Ashoka and Jam Froze below.

Jam Froze

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