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HOW DID I MISS THAT: Knxwledge – (FΔithEvΔnsHeartU)


Knxwledge’s FΔithEvΔnsHeartU passed us by… until now. The Auracle casts his beady eye over the rework.

First things first: wow. If there was ever a word to summarise what you’re about to listen to, it’s that three-letter expression right there. I’m well aware that this is a “How Did I Miss That?” feature but really, it doubles as a Throwback Thursday joint in two distinctive ways:

  1. The original R&B anthem entitled I Love You by the goddess Faith Evans was recorded in 2001 and debuted on 19 February 2002.
  2. Knxwledge’s rework of this track was released on 27 July 2011 as part of the Hexual.Sealings.LP.

That said, my stumbling upon this track today whilst going through Knxwledge’s back catalogue on a whim halted me dead in my tracks and prompted much dancing and singing along.  The original work is without a doubt a classic, as any R&B fan will no doubt tell you. Knxwledge thought to make some subtle yet significant tweaks and if I didn’t know any better, (FΔithEvΔnsHeartU) appears to pay homage to a couple of people involved with the writing of the preliminary song than just Faith Evans alone.  The composition features the same sumptuous guitar lick and beautiful strings from the original (a shout out to Buckwild and Issac Hayes, no doubt) but here’s where the subtle changes come in: the drums.  Knxwledge opts for a very heavy kick and adds some slick ambient percussion, giving the track a pronounced hip-hop feel.  Dropping the initial work a semitone or so, everything from Faith’s vocals to the sample itself sound rich and warm.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Knx’s actually moved the tune to a 432Hz frequency.  I suspect this because from the moment (FΔithEvΔnsHeartU) hit my eardrums, the vibrations pulsated through my ribcage and the beat almost snapped my neck clean in half from head-bobbing along to the rhythm.  Throw in a couple of clever pause breaks and you’re looking at a sensational remix of an out-and-out musical chef-d’oeuvre. The homie Knxwledge can do no wrong, I tell you.

Stream (FΔithEvΔnsHeartU) below: