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Kon + Amir’s 50 Greatest Hip Hop Samples Of All Time


Crate digging duo Kon + Amir give their lowdown on the 50 greatest hip hop samples of all time to Complex Mag.

Complex are synonymous with their “Top X” lists about almost everything but this one really resonated with us, for obvious reasons. Kon and Amir are a pair of crate digging excavators, always on the lookout for those rare and dusty grooves: soul, jazz, disco, funk, anything that sounds good. With a level of expertise based on 30 years of digging, they were in a good position to say what the best hip hop samples of all time were and that’s exactly what they did. They narrowed their choices down to 50 and included the usual suspects: Impeach the President, Jagger the Dagger, It’s A New Day, Funky President, but depending on your own judgements, you may be surprised by some of the placings and some of the hip hop sample omissions.

Click the link after the jump and see for yourself. In the meantime, check the duo out doing what they do best: digging in the crates.

(via Complex Mag)