Larry Achiampong – Africa In Your Earbuds #45


London-based producer Larry Achiampong compiled a mixtape of his own tracks and some fine African-influenced selections for Okayafrica’s Africa In Your Earbuds #45.

Just under a week ago, Larry Achiampong spoke with Okayafrica about his Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape, the 45th iteration of the series. He was chosen after garnering praise for his More Mogya LP, a record showcasing his talent for sampling Ghanaian highlife records from the past. The mixtape itself has a great selection from artists you’ll know (Madlib, Mo’ Kolours, Oh No) and some you might not (Atakora Manu and Alhaji K. Frimpong).

With this mixtape, I intended to… amalgamate moments from both my audible heritage and musical-related experiences of my upbringing. African music, especially highlife, were a strong part of my childhood.

Read the full article on Okayafrica’s website. Stream/download the mixtape below and peep the tracklist after the jump.


1. “Hunting Theme” By Madlib
2. “Yafeu” By Madlib
3. “Twelve” By Mo’ Kolours
4. “SlumBop” By FreshNerd & Tommy Rickard
5. “Osu A Meresu” By Atakora Manu
6. “Obiaa Ne Mre Bebe” By City Boys Band
7. “Bullwalk” By The Comrades
8. “Community” By Larry Achiampong
9. “Some Jokes Are Expensive” By Larry Achiampong
10. “Problematic” By OH NO
11. “Tuff N Smooth” By Al Quetz
12. “Harbour Song/ Asantehene Ceremonial Drums” (BBC field recording)
13. “Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu By Alhaji K. Frimpong
14. “Tamfo Nyi Ekyir” By Apagya Showband
15. “Hustler” By Tony Allen.
16. “Kulunmanqueleshi” By Mulatu Astatke
17. “Funeral Parlor” By OH NO
18. “Mandingo Swing” By Madlib
19. “Sew N’ Reap” By Larry Achiampong
20. “WO BE KU ME” By Larry Achiampong

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