FREE DOWNLOAD: Laura Wolfie – Reflections


British singer/producer Laura Wolfie releases her free debut single, “Reflections”.

The Sex Pistols to The Weeknd. As far as inspirations go, they couldn’t be further away from each other but nevertheless, they act as muses for British singer Laura Wolfie. Her debut single “Reflections” dropped yesterday and sees the musician juggle between singing for the first half of the song before moving it up a gear with some rhymes for the latter part. There’s a raw quality to her voice and lyrics and while the lyrical content isn’t particularly groundbreaking, the bounce in her flow is quite catchy. The beat is minimal and really trippy without going full throttle in a dubstep or trap direction, which is a common move by some electronic producers lately. With more experience under her belt and even better production, Laura Wolfie could be an underground force to be reckoned with.

Stream it below.

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