Love + Other Bullsh​!​t – Pennsylvania Pivot

Thanks to MelodiousMike for sending this to us. Love + Other Bullsh!t is the new full length project from MCs Big Rooz and Melodious Mike with production credits from MOEdavey and Melodious Mike himself. The album also features guest apperances by Just Muz, Fat Ross, Riley Writtens and Sincere Vega. It’s a big project. For some background info, Big Rooz and Melodious Mike are the founding members of The Devils Kazoo, an “independent hip hop collective and after working together for over five years and showing off their musical prowess on each others’ projects, Love + Other Bullsh!t represents their first full length release under the moniker Pennsylvania Pivot.

It’s jazzy boom bap at its finest and worthy of streaming and downloading, so check it out below.

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