Lupe Fiasco’s “F&L2 Part 2” Cancelled For 2013?

Lupe Fiasco's "F&L2 Part 2" Cancelled For 2013?

News just in: it looks like the release of Lupe Fiasco’s F&L2 Part 2 has been cancelled.

Well, that’s what it said on his Twitter account anyway. Just a few minutes ago, tweets (which, judging by the tone, didn’t come from Lupe Fiasco himself) claimed F&L2 Part 2 would be “summarily cancelled for public release in 2013”. No explanation was given for this decision but it was later followed up with news that the title/concept for Lupe’s 2013 release would be revealed “later this year”. The account has since been closed but the decision just opens a massive can of worms and loads of questions. Why was it cancelled? Why was the account deleted? What will it be replaced by? Will we ever see F&L2 Part 2? We can only hope Lupe addresses all this in a future interview.

Lupe Fiasco tweets 1/3

Lupe Fiasco tweets 2/3

Lupe Fiasco tweets 3/3

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