VIDEO: Mark Ronson Defends The Art Of Sampling In A Recent TEDTalk

VIDEO: Mark Ronson Defends The Art Of Sampling In A Recent TEDTalk

The English DJ/producer took to his MPC and decks to defend the honour of sampling in a “post-sampling era” in this TEDTalk called How Sampling Transformed Music.

Anyone who can get on stage and stand up for sampling culture using a customised MPC is a hero in my book and Mark Ronson donned the metaphorical cape for his recent TEDTalk. Entitled “How Sampling Transformed Music”, Ronson presented his argument that sampling was a “significant art form in and of itself”, with Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh’s La Di Da Di as an “Exhibit A” called for its use in over 500 tracks.

“See, thirty years ago you had the first digital samplers, and they changed everything overnight. All of a sudden, artists could sample from anything and everything that came before them. From a snare drum from the Funky Meters, to a Ron Carter bass line, to the theme from The Price is Right.” – Mark Ronson

For the seventeen minutes you watch his talk, you forget all about the ownership stigma attached to sampling and begin to appreciate it as an art form. It’s musicians like Ronson who keep Sampleface alive and we salute him for his efforts.

Stream it below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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