How Did I Miss That: Dez Harley – Foreshadow


Rapper Dez Harley flowed over a DOOM beat last year and we missed it. Allow us to redeem ourselves…

Artists on Bandcamp showing their idolisation of the 80s and 90s is nothing new. Everyone from obhliv to Tuamie has done it and we love them for their nostalgic trips. But Dez Harley really is stuck in another time, back when Microsoft 95 was blowing peoples’ minds. Back in September 2013 (or forward to September 2013 in his case), he dropped a free track called Foreshadow which showed the rapper spitting over a DOOM Special Herbs beat. Unofficial tracks tagged with the phrase “Prod. by MF DOOM” are handled with caution by most music writers but we gave it a chance and enjoyed what we heard, with a flow suitable for cruising in a convertible in Miami in the 80s. If only…

Stream it below.

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