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MonoNeon spoke to Rolling Out about the positivity in his music

‘Be who you are out there. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important to be who you exactly are.’

MonoNeon spoke to Rolling Out about how his music gives inspiration to the overlooked, who he admires in the music industry, and how Prince had an influence on him:

I know being around Prince influenced me, even though I wasn’t thinking about it while I was there with him. But after he passed, I realized that was a life-changing experience to be around somebody who was vibrating so high like that and really in tune with how they wanted to be in the world, and they were going to go after it no matter what. It was just perseverance. That’s what I got from being around Prince. It didn’t matter what was around him, he was going to be who he was. He was going to do his s—. That’s what I got from him. Just be who you are. As cliché as that may sound, that’s what I got from him. He was vibrating so high, [nothing] was going to change his vision of what he wanted to do in the world.

You can also stream his new single below, called Segreghetto.

MonoNeon / "Segreghetto" (Official Music Video)
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