Moonlighters: Kendrick School


Does Kendrick Lamar have his own school? We investigate as part of our Moonlighters feature.

So DOOM’s name has been attached to beer and Nicki Minaj has a Nigerian media group (or not). In today’s edition of Moonlighters, we take a look at Kendrick School in Reading. Wait, Kendrick? Unfortunately, the girl’s academy has no connections to the Compton rapper but we’re pretty sure some of the pupils have made jokes about the namesake’s link. That’d be pretty funny though – Kendrick Lamar acting as headmaster of an all-girl’s school in the UK. But that wouldn’t be totally out of his remit as Lamar served as a principal for the day when he visited of Mount Pleasant High School in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. Maybe he could get Schoolboy Q on board (geddit?!)

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