Mo’Wax – Headz (B-Boys Shouldn’t Do E)


It introduced me to DJ’s Shadow and Krush, UNKLE, Attica Blues, Howie B, well Mo’Wax’s roster and was a gateway drug into the world of Mo’Wax which throughout its years produced some great albums with great packaging and vision.
A few months later I bought a ticket to see DJ Shadow (along with OC’S and Keith Murray’s respective debut albums) at a club in Leeds called the Cockpit. Originally I was going to go on my own, something I used to do a lot but the closer to 40 you get the weirder you look, however a few flat mates tagged along. To this day I am not entirely sure Mr. Davis turned up, I was to put it politely off my tits, my only memories being hazy recollections of some good Hip Hop playing and sharing a pipe and some bodily fluids with a girl with a shaved head (yes she was a she).

Later on the term Trip Hop blew up over the music and mainstream media, a term that has always irritated me, and seemed to dilute what it actually was about. It’s just good ol’ experimental music with a foot in Hip Hop and a foot in the comedown of club culture.

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  1. If the night at the Cockpit you mention was the Headz tour around 1994 with Shadow, Lavelle and Krush, where they had graffiti artists spraying the walls, then yes, Shadow did turn up, as I saw him wandering around looking puzzled by the whole thing with his rucksack on! I also have a recording from the night taken from a now lost tape (very poor quality)…. I bought the tape from a record shop in Leeds a few months later. I too couldn’t remember much from the night, but tape is fantastic … loads of quality hip hop from The Roots, Tribe, Stezo, Beasties mixed with some early Mo Max, and some old funk (Kool & The Gangs “North East South West” is a highlight). The true highlight though is a great mix of the rap from Ahmad’s “Back In The Day” dropped over an unknown loop track which lifts heavily from “Windy C” by 100% Pure Poison. There’s also a female vocal scratched though with loads of the delay added which sounds way trippy. Mind-blowing stuff! I’ve been listening and searching for nearly 20 years for that Windy C loop track and I still haven’t found out what it is.

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