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Mo’Wax – Headz (B-Boys Shouldn’t Do E)


It introduced me to DJ’s Shadow and Krush, UNKLE, Attica Blues, Howie B, well Mo’Wax’s roster and was a gateway drug into the world of Mo’Wax which throughout its years produced some great albums with great packaging and vision.
A few months later I bought a ticket to see DJ Shadow (along with OC’S and Keith Murray’s respective debut albums) at a club in Leeds called the Cockpit. Originally I was going to go on my own, something I used to do a lot but the closer to 40 you get the weirder you look, however a few flat mates tagged along. To this day I am not entirely sure Mr. Davis turned up, I was to put it politely off my tits, my only memories being hazy recollections of some good Hip Hop playing and sharing a pipe and some bodily fluids with a girl with a shaved head (yes she was a she).

Later on the term Trip Hop blew up over the music and mainstream media, a term that has always irritated me, and seemed to dilute what it actually was about. It’s just good ol’ experimental music with a foot in Hip Hop and a foot in the comedown of club culture.

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