NEW MUSIC: Eminem “Rap God”


Eminem’s new release on MMLP2, “Rap God”, goes further to reiterate his living legend status.

Upon first listen, I wasn’t overly gassed on the beat (yeah, I know) however what Eminem does to this beat is nothing short of destruction. This certifies why he is one of, if not the best rapper on the planet. His word play and signature “shady” punchline jabs at public figures as only he does best were expertly woven into perfect timing. There is a “but” in this downpour of praise, however. From the tracks I have heard on the album so far (this one, “Berzerk” and “Survival“), the project doesn’t sound like a “Marshall Mathers” body of work. It almost lacks elements of the hunger and rebellious “f*ck you” attitude that made you want to elbow drop puppies (I don’t condone violence to animals just for reference) and engage with the entire album. The strong imagery created by songs like “Kim“, “Amityville” and “Remember Me” doesn’t seem to be reflected thus far although these tracks have been made for commercial release so maybe the album tracks will fulfil that quota. All in all it will be interesting to see the direction Eminem takes on this album away from the hype.

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