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NEWS: New Quasimoto Album Will Be A Compilation Of Rarities


Madlib and Stones Throw will drop Quasimoto’s “Yessir Whatever” on 18th June.

The plot has thickened and finally reached its climax. The new Quasimoto album we mentioned a few days ago will be a compilation of rarities: some rare, some out-of-print and some unreleased, according to Pitchfork. Although that might not be what fans were initially anticipating, at least you know the quality will be good. The vinyl & CD releases will come packaged with a peel-off, resealable sticker revealing Lord Quas’s insides. Gooey. The vinyl release will also come with a bonus 45, featuring “Hittin Hooks” and “Microphone Mathematics Remix”. Yessir Whatever will be released on 18th June via Stones Throw.

In the meantime, stream Planned Attack below and peep the tracklist.


01 Broad Factor
02 Seasons Change
03 The Front
04 Youngblood
05 Astronaut
06 Planned Attack
07 Brothers Can’t See Me
08 Catchin’ the Vibe
09 Am I Confused?
10 Sparkdala
11 Green Power
12 LAX to JFK