Written by 11:34 am Hip Hop

O​.​B. – The Coalition


O.B. of M.O.B.Stars groups together beats from 2009-2012 into The Coalition.

I’ve been sitting on this for a while. M.O.B.Stars are a hip hop trio out of New Jersey with an esoteric approach to their music. One of the members, O.B., cherry picked some of his finest tracks from a number of projects between 2009-2012 and created The Coalition. Now, anyone from the UK will probably wince at the sound of a coalition but this one is far from deceitful. O.B.’s Nas-like flow works brilliantly with a number of the airy cosmic beats found on the album. But he’s not alone in his artistic progression. Collabs with the likes of DeWun Music and beats from Arkutec, Nu Vintage and RaCharm make this a stellar mixture of hardcore hip hop and elements of the new school.

Stream it below.