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ODB’s Widow Issues Cease & Desist Letter To Organisers Of Rock The Bells


Yikes! ODB’s widow sends a cease & desist latter to the organisers of Rock The Bells.

It’s been a busy news day for anything involving Wu-Tang, with the impromptu release of The Wu’s Execution In Autumn and now this. It has been reported that ODB’s widow Icelene Jones is the adminstrator of his estate and is therefore in charge of everything to do with his intellectual property and likeness. Icelene claims “she was not contacted by Rock The Bells about their decision to have a holographic performance by ODB” and has subsequently issued a cease & desist letter. After the mini-drama with Jonwayne and Marlboro’s cease & desist letter and the Bumpin’ Bus Stop sample clearance debacle, we’re wondering are those in power abusing that power or are the “pillagers” getting their just desserts. Either way, it would be cool to see a ODB hologram. Now, if we could just get a J Dilla one…