ONE TO WATCH: Eddy Calvert

Eddy_Calvert_Thrill-front-largeEddy Calvert has been on “Lust Lips & Drug Trips” to a more intense “Thrill” earlier this year. 2015 is set to be a great year for him and you heard it here first.

Hailing from Hasting, Eddy Calvert has been bubbling on the UK music scene for a little while and going from strength to strength. His recent projects, “Lust Lips & Drug Trips” and “Thrill”, have received a lot of attention due to his honest lyricism. The music on LLDT is a mix of ethereal intensity alongside haunting vocals and takes you through the highs (naturally and chemically induced) and lows attributed to the delicate matter of the heart.

Thrill is his second official project, released in early October. It almost serves as a sequel to LLDT, detailing more of his life experiences, questions and the evaluation of his growth as an artist. Interestingly, this project is a lighter perspective on a darker place, as if he focused his emotions through the filter of the ether and created the necessary vibrations in his songs to resonate with the listener.

This young man is definitely one to watch. Not only has Eddy Calvert produced, mixed and mastered all of his music but he freestyles too. You may hear music that sounds like his or has influenced it but you cannot deny that there is a certain component within his style that sets him apart from other artists.

If you like what you hear, stream both projects below.

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