VIDEO: Pac Div – Black Acura

Pac Div - GMB

LA’s hip hop renaissance is upon us, with the release of Pac Div’s GMB and their new video, Black Acura.

To mark the release of Pac Div’s new album GMB, Rolling Stone have premiered their latest video, Black Acura featuring Mac Miller. The seventeen tracks on GMB are about the group’s experience that heralded their self-proclaimed “second renaissance” of LA hip hop. As we mentioned before, the trio came together with other notable proponents of the rebirth, including Kendrick Lamar, Blu and Ty$.

Bottom line, Pac Div is back. LA is back. We never left. We just continue to get stronger with every release and that will never stop. – Mibbs

But don’t think this is LA vs. the rest of the hip hop world. Black Acura sees Pac Div bring Philly’s Mac Miller into the fold and even use his house for some of this video, like Cribs with the overindulgence. The video, directed by Austin Winchell, combines imagery of a laundromat, a living room, and a dreary bar into a kaleidoscope of a rap career’s early days.



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