Written by Luke Alex Davis 10:00 pm Hip Hop, Sampling

Pac Div – The Return feat. Ty$

Pac Div - The Return

With less than two weeks until the release of Pac Div’s new album, GMB, the LA trio are excited to unveil their latest single The Return.

According to the group, the LA hip hop scene is experiencing it’s “second renaissance” (with help from Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar and co. amongst many others I’m sure) and they see themselves as part of this rebirth. “The main inspiration behind the song is stating the return of Pac Div and the return of LA’s reign in hip-hop and music in general,” explains Mibbs, member of Pac Div. “The song gives listeners a good feeling that Los Angeles hip hop is, and will always be, in good hands.” Can’t argue with that logic. Continuing on from their track Cross Trainers last week, featuring Kendrick and Blu, Pac Div have enlisted more of LA’s finest for The Return, this time starring rapper Ty$. As for the beat? Mind blowing. The production is thanks to Mars 1500 and has that LA in the summer cruising vibe to it, perfect for taking you away the harsh weather of winter. Over a killer bassline, cool piano and a hard knocking beat, the LA hip hop alumni remind us how hip hop out there never left.

Experience the rebirth and stream it below