Paintlist, The App That Suggests Colour Palettes Based On Your Music


Paint manufacturers Dutch Boy have created an app called Paintlist that suggests a colour palette based on the music you listen to.

Stuck on the right colour for a room? Well, Dutch Boy have you covered with their brand new app. The US paint manufacturers have created a smartphone app called Paintlist that suggests paint colours based on the users’ favourite music. The said music can either be identified from what’s already playing or taken from the user’s own collection on their phone. According to the New York Times, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s “Autumn in New York” lead the app to suggest Perpetual Green for the walls and Glorious Glow and Silicon Valley for the trim. Interesting.

Download the app on the App Store and Google Play and try it for yourself (unfortunately, this is only open for US users. Damn).

(via the New York Times)

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