Peche Noire – Peche Noire


Peche Noire give us a dose of electronic/funk/hip hop medicine.

I remember somehow acquiring this a few years back and not paying much attention to it, then I played it a year later and I finally understood it. Here’s how the album was made:

Appletree producers Beau Love, Louis Bordeaux and Sotu the Traveller embarked on a journey to southern France. On Beau Love’s initiative the three beat conductors packed a van full with all the equipment needed to conduct some massive beat making. Along with sound engineer Elio “Delta Beats” Debets and Appletree CEOs they set off to the scenic village of Esclauzels.
Arriving at the picturesque cottage, with a great view of nature’s finest work, Esclauzels was the perfect scene for a week filled with, relaxation, creativity, joy, inspiration and jamming.

I can only dream of having the freedom to do that and judging by how the album came out, it certainly paid off.

A healthy mix of funk and hip hop provide the elements for a really nice instrumental album worthy on anyone’s iPod. What’s more, it’s free to download (the original site it was uploaded to has since disappeared off the face of the earth so I have provided the link below).


01. Rêverie grillonaise (Sotu the Traveller)
02. Cacahuète (Peche Noire)
03. Petit early (Peche Noire)
04. Incroyable (Beau Love)
05. Boogeur (Beau Love)
06. Splendeur (Peche Noire)
07. Voyage en Bmin (Sotu the Traveller)
08. Nomono (Louis Bordeaux)
09. Sacre coeur (Beau Love)
10. Meilleur (Beau Love)
11. Rêverie de Pastis (Louis Bordeaux & Sotu the Traveller)
12. Mercredi (Peche Noire)


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