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VIDEO: Pharrell Williams – Happy (We Are From Luton)


A group called the Museum Makers have given their own take on Pharrell Williams’ Happy video with a little help from the folks of Luton Town.

Pharrell’s Happy has taken the universe by storm and it doesn’t seem to be slowing, not least because of videos such as this one. A volunteer group called Museum Makers took to the streets of Luton to gather up members of the public for their own take on the Happy video and the result is fantastic. For anyone unfamiliar with the town, Luton gained notoriety in 2004 when it was named #1 in Crap Towns II: The Nation Decides, a book listing the “crappest” towns in the country. The series has since been widely criticised but the “accolade” has stuck in many people’s minds and videos such as these can only help to dispel the stigma and bring the true meaning of the video to the town.

Stream it below and be HAPPY.

(via HuffPost UK)