Philippe Edison – Snorlax


Philippe Edison (the artist formerly known as JayLotus) takes us back to the 8-bit gaming days with the funky “Snorlax”.

No matter where I look, I just can’t find a Pokemon Blue cartridge for less than about £15. I’ve yet to find one at a car boot sale (or jumble sale for the Americans out there) so eBay is my vendor of choice. One of reasons for wanting that nostalgia back is to relive the joy the music brought. Philippe Edison understands and decided to go 8-bit for his latest track, Snorlax. The track has plenty of swing and Philippe utilises his modulation wheel to perfection with a sharp synth lead sea breeze-like acoustics in the background. This tune beats the Pokéflute song that’s for sure.

Stream it below.

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