How Did I Miss That: Philippe Edison – Star Ocean (Album)


Producer and saxophonist Philippe Edison dropped his debut beat album Star Ocean a few months back.

“I can sleep a lil easier knowing that my 1st beat music album came out after 4 years of patience & hurdles…” Philippe Edison

They say slow and steady wins the race and in this case, that rings out true. The long awaited debut album from Philippe Edison is finally out entitled “Star Ocean”. After so long honing his craft, Edison has conjured up a glitchy afrofuturistic whirlwind. From its searing synths to unapologetically offbeat rhythms, Star Ocean stays true to its cosmic moniker with Edison clearly nodding to a heap of inspiration artists before him. The album is available on Bandcamp as a digital download and a limited run of the 75 cassettes.

Stream it below.

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