FREE DOWNLOAD: Preservation – SePtember 1200


Preservation’s Barry White-inspired SePtember 1200 is a treat and a free download.

It was Barry White’s birthday yesterday. The man with the unmistakeable voice would have been 68 and as a tribute to the late velvet vocalist, Mos Def’s DJ and producer Preservation released a free instrumental album called SePtember 1200. Now, the title is something of a double entendre – the capital S and P along with the 1200 denote the use of the SP-1200 to make the album while the “September 12” represented both the birth date of Barry White AND the date of release. Maybe a triple entendre. But I digress. Being made on the 1200, SePtember 1200 was confined to the limited world of 10-second sampling time. But this didn’t hinder Preservation’s production and he captured all the soul and love that Barry spread with that fabulous hair and voice. *Barry White voice* Mmmm… *cough*

Download it via Mondieu Music.

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