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Prima Parte – vcr​.​plus


Germany’s Prima Parte goes über retro with EP “vcr.plus”.

It was a sad day when DVD players ousted VCR’s in the realm of home entertainment. All those videos you owned became useless unless you had the money to buy a DVD/VHS combi (I fortunately found one for less than £100). But the memories still remain and German producer Prima Parte has paid tribute to the video recorder with his latest EP, vcr.plus. Perhaps the tracks aren’t so much an homage to the VCR but they still pack that lo-fi punch associated with archaic technology. There’s plenty of analog hiss on biG.77′ alongside the crackle and ducking kick thump on fo.ever. Fans of the lo-fi Generation Y will enjoy this.

Stream/download Prima Parte’s vcr.plus below.