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Prince’s Vault Of Unreleased Material Is To Be Sold For $35m & We’re Pissed


A heap of music from Prince’s vault will be sold and Purple Rain is set for a deluxe makeover in 2017.

We don’t usually “waste time screaming who we’ve hated” but we’re making an exception for this foolishness. The Big 3 major labels – Universal, Sony and Warner – are in talks to buy the rights to Prince’s unreleased material. The vault is said to include “thousands of hours of recordings from over four decades”. The case of who his rightful heirs are is still ongoing, given Prince didn’t leave a will. There’s also the daunting task of cataloguing the material as Prince was signed to a number of record labels including Warner themselves.

In happier(?) news, a deluxe edition of 1984’s Purple Rain, announced before Prince’s death, could be released in early 2017. No news on what the extra tracks will be but we’re sure the stans will speculate.

The state of Prince’s affairs is a large multifaceted mess. Prince didn’t like contracts and put his trust in his music family. Unfortunately, with no children or any kind of will, his music has become a T-bone steak in a piranha tank and his wishes regarding the vault are going ignored. Michael Jackson and J Dilla went through similar situations and their estates, from fans’ perspectives, are still making questionable decisions. This is why it’s important to have *something* written down for your work when you pass as Industry Rule #4080 has taught us. F*ck the piranhas.

(via The Vinyl Factory)