FREE DOWNLOAD: PRY Mixtape (mixed by Prace)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Pry Mixtape (mixed by Prace)

PRY releases an hour-long mixtape to celebrate 10 years in music.

A decade is a long time in music. PRY has reached the 10-year milestone with contributions from Illicit, PAX, Reazun, and Binkbeats. All this work has culminated in an hour-long mixtape, mixed by fellow producer Prace. The tape also includes some previously unreleased material.

You can stream and download the mixtape for free below.


01. The Strangest Freaks – Initiation
02. PRY – Rhymes ft. Asylum 7
03. The Strangest Freaks – Black Rubber Soles ft. Bless X Shahmen (extended version)
04. The Strangest Freaks – Check Out The Sound ft. Dudley Perkins
05. The Strangest Freaks – Jaffa
06. Illicit – 16 bars ft. Atactic & The Proov
07. Pax & Pry – A Day At The Office ft. Kypski
08. PRY – Chaque Jour La Meme ft. Reazun
09. Pax & Pry – Getting’ It Back
10. Pax & Pry – A Day Off
11. PRY – Beautiful Thing ft. Incksalonius
12. Pax & Pry – Sleep
13. Pax & Pry – Wake Up ft. Kyteman
14. In Stereo – Dag
15. PRY – Get Up ft. Skiggy Rapz
16. PRY – Rebel ft. Jay Colin
17. The Strangest Freaks – Time To Fuck With This ft. King Jule
18. PRY – Politics & Voodoo ft. Jay Colin
19. Pax & Pry – Dirty It Up Some
20. Pax & Pry – In Between Jobs
21. PRY – 3=1 ft. Master Surreal, Joe Kickass & ShocknSurprise
22. The Strangest Freaks – Dit Nooit Meer ft. Typhoon

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