How Did I Miss That – Questlove’s Celebrity Stories


Want some real celebrity stories? We read about some of Questlove’s celeb encounters.

Gossip journalism sucks; it’s sensationalised dishwater drivel. However, when we hear candid interviews or see certain celebs in a different (sometimes better) light, we tend to listen and ponder. This is where Questlove comes in. In a collaboration with Hypnagogics, he retold some of his celebrity stories and some of them may surprise you. This dude has met/been in the vicinity of a lot of famous people and music greats. We’re talking Prince, MJ (when he was 8), Al Pacino, Etta James, Gil Scot-Heron even Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (albeit in passing but how many of you have passed him in a room?).

After reading this, you’ll be wondering why there isn’t a Questlove number like there’s a Bacon number.

UPDATE: It appears Hypnagogics have taken down the stories. Sorry guys!

(Shoutout to @_karan_ for putting us onto this)

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