Written by Luke Alex Davis 12:15 pm Mixes

Remulak – Morning Sessions Mix

Remulak - Morning Sessions Mix

A vinyl mix starring Jehst, The Herbaliser, DJ Vadim, and Hash Finger? We’re there!

You may know Remulak as the British hip hop producer known for collaborations with Melanin 9 (M9), Moka Only, and others or the co-owner of Village Live Records. As he navigates a new year with new projects, he put together a dope hour-long mix of some of the UK’s finest underground hip hop using vinyl only. Featured artists include DJ Vadim, Lewis Parker, Bonobo, and Remulak himself.

Stream it below and peep the tracklist underneath.


Remulak – Live & Direct intro
Benaddict – nintey three
Lewis Parker – incognito
The Summit – Postcodes
Kuartz – Check It (This Shit)
Mark B & Blade – The long awaited
The Wiseguys – we be the crew
George Fields – Lost your step
DJ Vadim – something to feel
Remulak – Highlife (Instrumental)
The Herbaliser – Let it go
Jehst – return of the drifter
Hash Finger – Get Out
Ded Tebiase – good as gone
Mr Brown – The time stealer
Aver – wilkommen
Bonobo – light pattern