Review: Gedankenexperiment – Munis

Enter the mental exercise manifested into beats; otherwise translated into German as ‘Gedankenexperiment’, the album by Munis. The majority of the 13 tracks are a flirt with experimental electronica, trip hop undertones and a slight dubstep influence. Though ‘Gedankenexperiment’ may not be the collection to bump in your car, (unless you are planning on visiting the stratosphere in hopes of being a DJ) this collection is more of a muse for creation and appreciation.

Track 1, Rhamphorhynchus is as pleasurably difficult to pronounce as it is to predict. The layered, staccato journey of sound is certain to play on the senses and induce some form of rhythmic bodily movement. As a mix of somewhat atmospheric sounds, the prominent drums lay the foundation for the following tracks.

Picturing what extraterrestrial warfare would look/sound like would be the best description of the effect-heavy Esper#27.
‘Pear Juice’ ; reminiscent of a sensual synth and funky-bassline led orgy, has an unconventional beat pattern and wide ambiance that is a listening pleasure with the right headphones or speakers. Considering that ‘pear juice’ is delectable (opinion/personal pleasure imposed as fact) , the title was beyond fitting as all 2:28 of this track will have one captivated in the essence. With melodic foundations that slightly resemble a Neptunes’ production, ‘Pear Juice’ is one to repeat while picturing a levitating love haven- somewhere.

The dynamic arrangement of sound, synth appearances, timing and tempo prove ‘Gedankenexperiment’ to be a well-collated, thematic album. Though tracks such as ‘Grattugiare’, ‘Cavatina Meccanica in Quattro Movimenti’ and ‘Beta Ray Landler (Liquid Rockz Remix) were more busy, noise-focused as opposed to a coherent rhythm to help follow the track transition, the irregular, juxtaposed effect makes hypnotic and head-bobbing appearances in the aforementioned ‘Pear Juice’, ‘Beta Ray Landler’ (title being self-explanatory of the tone) and the slower-tempo of ‘Cortisonic’ alongside the low vibrations of the ‘Cortisonic’ Dnte remix.

Grime heads will appreciate the ‘Cortisonic’ (OneOne remix) and Dubstep lovers will resonate with the tripped-out progression in the ‘Grattugiare’ (Subp Yao Remix). The ‘Cavatina Meccanica in Quattro Movimenti ‘(Bios Remix) ends the album with a gun-finger toting, bassline booming, dancehall influenced vibe.

For some, ‘Gedankenexperiment’ may be an acquired taste, but nevertheless is an ambitious, barrier-defying musical effort with an element of surprise for any ear that appreciates eccentric diversity. The signature Sampleface expression did surface a few times throughout this album, and may resurface on a second or third listen.

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