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Review: Nylo – Indigo Summer EP


We reviewed Nylo’s Indigo Summer EP.

The past couple of summers have been dominated by the nostalgic sounds of Frank O, and the sultry tones of Miss Jhené “I-still-want-to-marry-her” Aiko. Since then, I had yet to find a complete body of work to kick it with. Don’t get me wrong – there have been some incredible albums and singles since 2011, obviously – but nothing that quite resonated with me as much as those two ‘tapes (Nostalgia/Ultra; Sailing Soul(s)) did. This may have been down to the fact that ‘hype’ becomes ridiculously off-putting and I’m sorry, but an album cannot be considered a “classic” after a God-damn week. Bandwagons are irritating.

Anyway, I was casually updating my Soundcloud one evening when a random song started playing in my headphones. The mellow instrumental provided good ambiance for the moment, but it only caught my attention when I heard one of the most beautifully kissed vocals, ever. I stopped everything I was doing to find out who this woman was, and searching led me to the Indigo Summer EP by Chi Town’s very own, Nylo. You know a new artist is dope as f*ck when she has Nas singing her praises, as well as hosting the launch of her EP. Yeah. She’s that good. She’s also a graphic designer, producer and session musician, which is pretty cool too. I gave the EP a listen that following evening.

It kicks off with a Tricky Stewart-produced record called Nobody Has To Know, and what I appreciate about the slow-burner is the intricacy of vocal arrangement – which becomes a consistent selling-point – not to mention, a really well-written feature from Gilbere Forte. I love it when guest rappers actually stick to concept – I’m looking at you, T.I! The song that caught my attention on Soundcloud – Fool Me Once – comes in at number two, and what an incredible song it is. The hauntingly angelic-yet-raw vocal (you really need to hear it to to understand how that makes any sense), teasing arrangement and bad-ass production easily makes it my favourite record from the project. There’s a music video too.

I go through the rest of the EP and I’m met by a complete balance of stand-out records and ones that slip under the radar. Not for a lack of quality, but rather the mellowness of it all becomes borderline The Weeknd – and I cannot listen to an entire mixtape of his in one sitting anymore. It’s a good thing the massive records are interspersed as it provides a well-rounded feeling, without overly excelling. Nylo gives a notable head-nod to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s (if there was any way to “thug out” an Audrey Hepburn reference, that would be it), a close second to Fool Me Once as stand-out track for me. This is due to the emotional vocal delivery and concept which, I’m sure pretty much everyone has experienced at some point in their lives – an incredible post break-up song.

Mentions to Cocaine Hearts, and an incredible flip of Robin Thicke’s smash, Blurred Lines. Even if you don’t prefer the spin in comparison to the original, you have to appreciate the manner in which it was executed. Side note: she produced it, too. With a seasonal follow-up in Indigo Rose scheduled for Fall, or Autumn as we like to call it over here, I can only imagine the talented musician going from strength to strength – especially now that Epic Records have snapped her up.

Follow her on Twitter and stream/download Indigo Summer EP below.