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Richard Villegas on the Black ancestral sounds of Colombia

Take a musical trip to Colombia and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

For Bandcamp, Richard Villegas explored Colombia’s Black musical heritage, from West Africa via the Caribbean, with a fine selection of Afro-Latin albums:

Black heritage is living, breathing, ongoing, and ever-changing. But in Colombia, reverence for tradition is not synonymous with a nostalgic or prohibitive study of the past. On the contrary, Black ancestral wisdom is the fuel behind many of the country’s visionary, innovative, and often futuristic musical movements.

Amongst the albums is Almas Conectadas, a collaborative project between Quantic and Afro-Colombian singer Nidia Góngora (I absolutely adore the song Macumba de Marea on this LP; haunting yet addictive). And there’s plenty of cumbia, rumba, reggaetón, Afrobeats, and dancehall to get your ears around so I’d definitely recommend reading the full article.

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