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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Rick James Interview (1988)

Rick James talks about how Motown used to be, his rivalry with Prince and women in showers together.

You’ve gotta love Rick James, especially in his interviews. This one, taken from 1988, shows the Coldblooded singer giving no fucks at all when it comes to his feelings towards Motown or his rivalry and jealousy at Prince becoming a bigger star than him (although he later pokes fun at Prince’s height). When it comes to his “controversial” track Loosey’s Rap, he defends the raunchiness, claiming he is “promoting sexuality, not sexual promiscuity”. While we agree with him not promoting the latter, the two women in the shower (including a certain Kelly Rutherford from Gossip Girl) spitting water at each other, the woman spraying shaving foam all over herself for no apparent reason and all the lingerie and latex doesn’t give the idea of an abstract concept about sexuality to me. But hey, enjoy yourself, bitches. It’s a celebration!